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 Other Writing

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‘The Blood Countess’ — Lor Journal

‘… all the blood vessels popped in her face, the red capillary lines like a sprawling city map.’


‘How Has The Marriage Equality Campaign Affected Campus Life? — Junkee

‘…Milly Muller Reeves, a student at the University of Melbourne, describes the shock she felt when she came onto campus one day and was confronted with anti-queer propaganda plastered on top of Yes campaign posters on buildings…’


‘The Small Joys of Representation— De Minimis (Melbourne Law School)

‘…On its face, whether or not a hypo designed to help students understand legal issues is queer-inclusive may seem trivial. But it isn’t. Implicit in the choice of these characters (and in their diverse portrayals) is an affirmation of LGBTQI+ existence and acceptance...’



Virginia’ — Baby Teeth Journal (Visual Art)